June 9, 2011

OhMyGod, Cara Hartmann is My New Favourite Human Being. (NOW UPDATED WITH LINK FOR FIREWORK VIDEO.)

She had 2 others, but one (my fave) has been taken down with the warning
"This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech".  
This is terrible because it was funny as hell.  It was a stretched and manipulated photobooth effect shot of her representing a Stephen Hawking-esque girl "singing" a cover of Katy Perry's Firework in that familiar robotic voice.  Here is the thumbnail I got before the video was removed:

It was amazing, SHE is amazing, and I hope this cat vid forces her into setting up her own website because if 1 in 3 of her satire videos have been banned from YouTube already, she's going to need a less discriminating outlet for her work.

(Thank you, Anonymous!)

Side note: does she remind anyone else of crying Sorority Girl who "wanted to make it snow"?


Anonymous said...

i honestly cannot remember the last time i laughed this hard.

Anonymous said...

I love her!
This is so funny!!!!

Ezzie said...

I showed Jason the eHarmony video and he loved it. So funny! I WANT THEM IN A BASKET...

Anonymous said...

You might like this

Anonymous said...

Is she for real? That is hilarious!!! She is never getting a man acting like that!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous "You might like this",

Of course she did. That is why she posted it.

Bee, you sure have some bitchy commentors on your blog today.

I'm sorry to see that.

Anonymous said...

you can view her firework video here.

Bee said...

Thank you so much, Anonymous!
I updated with that link.

Greatbeast said...

Everyone has fallen for the eHarmony video. Incredible. But yes, the girl's great.

Bee said...

Yeah, I was surprise at people's shitty investigative abilities. It takes a minor YouTube search to know it was a comedy video. But the comments made are a whole new comedy, so maybe it works best that way.

(I mean, she got her Firework vid taken down for hate speech, so people at least knew she was making fun of something...)

Anonymous said...

I think you might be on to something in regards to the crying sorority girl video. As for Miss. Hartmann, as far as rumors go, she's a comedienne/comedian from Canada. Who knows, funny stuff either way. She managed to out troll the trolls.

Anonymous said...

Here is the real Cara Hartmann's Facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1515322037

She put it on private mode, so only people can find her via that link. Her name on FB is 'Cara Hartmann (Oksana Baiul)'

Not sure, why she put 'Oksana Baiul' in brackets, but maybe she's a fan of the Ukrainian figure skating star, Oksana Baiul. Either that, or she is into skating.

Don't thinks She's from Canada. Think she's from Ohio. Read her Tweets, she mentioned her brother, who is from Ohio (as mentioned in his FB).

boygirlparty said...

the sorority girl did a web redemption on tosh.0 - definitely not the same girl.

Bee said...

Oh no, I wasn't meaning to imply it was the same girl. Cara's crying just reminded me of Sorority Girl and I forgot how fucking funny that video was, so I posted it. And it would be a terrible oversight if some people have yet to see it.